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ZVICARS can make selling your car EASY.

We have hundreds of listings on our database, and can quickly put you in touch with a buyer. We will negotiate the best price and guide you and the buyer through the bureaucratic process. When we have all the car's details, we will let you know it's value.

Click here for the form for us to sell your car. makes selling your car EASY. We have hundreds of people in our database and can put you in touch with a buyer quickly. We will also negotiate the best price and guide you and the buyer through the bureaucracy. ZVICARS advertises in a variety of printed publications and websites (our own and others). When we have all of your car’s details we will contact you with the latest book price. To be accurate we advise you to send us a copy of the registration but this is not essential.

Please note that there are a variety of factors involved in selling a car. From experience, we have found that it is best to discuss your car by phone. ZVICARS has nearly 30 years of experience in the used car market in Israel. Our goal is to help you through the sales process and negotiate the best price for your vehicle.

Also, if you sell the car without using our service, please let us know, so we can take you off our website.