Small and Compact Cars

No matter what size car, the rule of thumb is to buy Japanese or Korean. Build quality is more important with smaller engines, as hills and long driving can take it's toll on 1.2 engines. 

Many have the misconception when buying a small car that, that a smaller engine means less petrol consumption. Have in mind, (1.2 engines) compact cars are made for the city. Once it is taken on the motorway (highway) it is put under more stress then the engine was designed for. As a result, it could have higher running costs. In summery if you need to drive out of the city a 1.4 engine is the smallest we recommend.

We highly recommend the Honda Jazz because it's fuel economy and practicality are unrivalled. Currently deals are to be had on them. From 2010 it came as a Hybrid and can do 21 km to the littre.

The Hyundai Accent's and i20 are the best value for money and our favourite for most people looking to spend less than NIS 40,000.

Diahatsu Sirion is made by Toyota and is very reliable if you can cope with a tiny back seats.

Mazda 2 is the most fun to drive.

The Honda Insight is based on the Jazz but a little less practical but being a Hybrid and costing less, it is superb value for money.

Fiat Punto is the most stylish if can are willing to take a chance on Italian build quality.

Toyota Yaris is very rare and the costs are prohibitive but it very reliable.

 All cars are automatic unless stated Stick. Car labelled R means it was previously a rental car.