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Used Cars: How it works.

We use our vast network and 30 years of experience to source cars from throughout Israel, that fit your requirements. 

We send you photos of potential cars for you and their details.  

When you see a car you may be interested in, you reserve it by paying a 1000 NIS refundable deposit. 

The car is usually delivered to Jerusalem in about a week for you to see it firsthand. 

After test driving the car and confirming you like it, we have our mechanic inspect it to make sure it’s in good condition.  

  • If the car is ok, we help you make arrangements to negotiate the final price and to purchase the car.  
  • If our mechanic finds minor problems that can be fixed, we negotiate with the seller to do the repairs.  
  • If our mechanic does not recommend the car, we will reject the car, and we request a refund of your deposit.

*Please note: When we send photos/details of a car, and it is a real option for you, it extremely important to act quickly, and reserve the car.   New listings that we offer you usually seen by many other potential buyers across the country, and are likely to be reserved or even sold within a few hours. 

Upon successfully purchasing a car through us, we charge a flat fee of 1200 NIS.  If we are also selling your car, we reduce our fee on the second transaction, the sale of your car, to 600 NIS (1200 NIS for the purchase and 600 NIS for the sale of your car = 1800 NIS total.)  

If you do not ultimately buy a car or sell a car through us, we charge no fee whatsoever.