“Top 10 Reasons To Choose Zvi Cars”

1) We have nearly 30 years of experience assisting Olim to buy and sell cars.
2) After you have successfully bought or sold a car from us, we charge a reasonable flat fee, (1200 NIS) regardless of the sale price of the car.
3) We help negotiate for the best price possible, saving you, the client, money.
4) Our mechanics check all cars before they are sold.
5) We have a vast network of private sellers and car dealers across the country, to source cars.
6) We advise as to what cars should be considered and avoided, based on our experience and your budget.
7) We take care of all administrative paperwork.
8) Our reputation for trustworthiness in business, is well known throughout the English speaking community in Israel.
9) We are able to assist with discounted body shops, car accessory stores, and insurance companies.
10) We become your trusted, general “Go-To-Person,” for all future car-related advice and questions. 

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OFFICE: 02-991-3115
WHATSAPP: +972 50-687-7229