We have extensive contacts with dealerships throughout Israel. New Cars are usually more much expensive than Zero Kilometer Cars. They are produced by the manufacturer and sold and distributed to dealerships. Since these sales are often in bulk, reduced prices and discounts are given to the dealerships. Dealers that have too much stock must their cars before they lose value, and discounted prices may be available for clients. (New Cars have manufacturer warranties.)


"Zero Kilometer Cars" are closely related to New Cars, with one caveat: Zero Kilometer Cars have already been registered by the manufacturer or car dealership. This means that when a Zero-Kilometer Car is purchased, a change of ownership is required, even though no one has ever driven the car. Zero Kilometer Cars are usually significantly less expensive than New Cars and come with the same manufacturer's warranty. Financing is available for Zero Kilometer Cars. We can help you buy a Zero Kilometer Car, using our vast dealership contacts.

Once you've told us what kind of car you are looking for and your budget, we locate potential "Pre-Owned Car" options for you from our extensive contacts with dealerships and personal contacts.  We send you photos of various options for your review.  When you see a car that you like, you reserve it with a refundable deposit. (1000 ₪ - plus VAT). Our independent mechanic checks the car to make sure it's a go. If the car has issues, the deal is off, the deposit is returned and the car search continues. When our mechanic has approved a car, we take care of the sale & registration paperwork. After you have successfully purchased a car, our flat fee of 1200 ₪  (Plus VAT) becomes due. (Some pre-owned cars have warranties.)